Never Let Me Go

I enjoyed reading this novel because I have seen the movie. Like most remakes, there were some parts which differed but for the most part the story line remained the same. I think that the overall concept is very deep and one does not really think about being a organ donor in this manner. Being in a world where individuals are bred and meant to eventually give away their organs is very futuristic. I think that the way the movie and book explain the characters loss of control is very strong. Kathy, Tommy and Ruth all come off as bold characters who are ready to face the fact that they have been living for absolutely no reason. When they are at school they are forced to stay healthy and choose a healthy lifestyle but in the end it is not to benefit them. All of their experiences and memories are pointless because they are on the list to donate their organs to those who need them more. One thing which bothered me when watching the movie and reading it was why are they portrayed to be young and giving their organs to older individuals. I think it would be interesting if the ages were switched, so it would show how the newer bodies are able to do something better than they originally could have. Again being that I have seen the movie, it was not really a shock to me as it may have been if I heard this story for the first time.

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This was the first time I saw this movie and I thought that the reality of it made it so amazing. I have always been interested in such epidemics spreading across the world, and I think creating this movie causes a lot of awareness. The first scene where the CDC researchers are exploring the bacteria was intense. The researchers had there own air tight masks and gowns and were looking at the bacteria through incubators. Later when the two doctors are looking at the models online of the bacteria growing the audience is again reminded of the immense technology in the movie. Ellis, the leader ends up finding out how another doctor is doing his own research behind his back to do his own work. This reminded me of 13 Floor because of the constant competition. When looking at the technological side, the innovations used such as the microscopes and dissector clearly show how the scientists are trained to use such machines. The fact that the bacteria and information of the disease is being transferred over phones and emails is convenient for the teams and brings everyone on the same page to find a cure. Knowing how quick it can spread and what it is doing to everyone was scary. By the end the vaccine is finally found and it is still kept a secret. Clearly all of the doctors working in the five locations know how to solve it but do not give it out for medical use. It takes 131 days and using the countdown in the movie made it a lot more interesting. Using a lottery system to give out vaccination was a simple way of doing this. I did not think that would be the way it happens. Allie self vaccinates herself before the drug is given out. Her help in the village and to protect those who are unable to gain any real sources of medication is admirable. Finding out that her own staff was given a placebo pill after all her hard work was pathetic to me because the government should not get to choose who gets the vaccine. Seeing how airborne and surface touching the disease was, it shows how interconnected the world became.





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White Noise

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The Road

This movie was so sad! I was automatically drawn in from the beginning where the city is being destroyed. The setting really helped explain the turmoil of the father and sons life. When comparing the way the setting was depicted to that of a novel, I definitely think that the reader gets a better message visualizing the scenes. Having the character’s faces with soot on it and showing how they are alone in the deserted city gives a solem mood at the beginning of the movie. Not having alot of technology or ways to find survival was a new twist we have not seen in a while. Since all of our works are technological, I was waiting to see some kind of invention or form of machinery to save the characters.

The main symbol which I kept my eye on throughout the novel was the gun. The gun is explained to only have two shots in it so it was their only form of protection. I think that it was interesting to include the gun in the plot, because it was a way for the audience to follow the journey and see if they make it without using it. I thought the gun would have been used sooner then it was, but I was constantly surprised at the characters encounters. I was so happy when the boy and his father found the little cave with all of the food and supplies it in. I forgot it was only have of the movie and wished that they would just stay there and figure out a plan to survive. As the father gets sicker and shows signs of deteriorating, the son shows his development and the things he learned on this journey. I felt really bad for the son when he did not know what to do with the dad’s body after he dies. His entire situation, with his crazy mother who leaves the family in the worst time and now not having a father or anyone to lead him to safety made the plot of the story alot more depressing. I did not expect that a family would save the boy and take him in as their own. Instead I assumed the movie would end with the boy finding a new city or place to stay and making it on his own. Overall I am unsure at how the movie connected to the advanced technology texts we have recently been working on. I did like the movie but I thought it was way to depressing to watch again.

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On the Beach

I thought this entire story and concept was very practical and realistic. There were many times where the John and Peter did say things that was a stretch but I feel like the world can come to something like this. On page 41 Moira states, ” I’m not afraid of dying…I’m never going to get outside Australia… A city of dead people.” Here Moira is able to explain the inner fear felt by all of the characters throughout the story and I felt it was a relateable quote. It is clear that the war is leaving so many civilians in a horrible situation, where they have no other choice but to make the best of it. Although Shute allows his characters to take pills to quicken their death, all of the characters are hopeless.


I liked this story because it showed a different side of technology. Like most of the novels we have read so far, all of the authors go into the future to explain how society is, however this novel ties in factors from the past to create its future. I kept thinking of the attacks on Hiroshima during WW2, and how there was recent scare after the attacks on 9/11. Today’s society is so advanced that any form of war and violence will directly lead up to a nuclear explosion, leaving most of the world dead. From what I got out of the novel, a lot of countries were destroyed and Australia was one of the few lasting ones. The idea of a complete wipe out and deserted Earth seems far fetched but can easily occur if the wrong country gets hands on weapons of mass destruction. I felt that Moira’s feelings within the novel were reminiscent of everything she hoped to achieve. I liked her role at the end because even before she takes her pill, she takes it upon her self to do one thing she feels at peace with and that is having her drink.

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13 Floor

After watching this movie I have noticed a trend on transformation into different realms of society. It is clear that the different authors and producers always were curious and speculated about transforming into a new world. I loved how the movie was structured because it put the story line in a great order. At first I was confused on how everything was going to play out but when Douglas Hall finally realizes what is happening I understood the difference of the worlds. I appreciate this story line a lot more now because I have been comparing it to other works. Depicting the “end of the world” in the dessert was eye opening and proves how technology controls so much.

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“Everything is different,” Joe said to her. “You must have gone back into time and put us on a different track; I can’t prove it and I can’t specify the nature of the changes-” pg 54

Here, Pat’s talent is being explained to be able to go back into ones memory or events and change how things played out. Pat’s skill is briefly touched upon in the beginning of chapter 3, when she is introduced and is with Joe Chip. Pat mentions how she did not want to use her powers or even try them out because she was afraid her parents would be able to find out and not appreciate her extra talent. I found it amusing how Chip asks how her parents could never notice the interference when he talent was being used. Pat’s character was interesting to me because it showed this new world in a different light. We were told about the half lifers and how individuals can connect to them but Pat makes the world even more unique. Having an ability to go back into a thought and change its outcome seems like a very cool trait. It also shows how her character is smart enough to always be a step ahead of the others. Once the bomb explodes, everyone asks Pat to go back into time and see what truly meant to happen. Pat states, “Too much time has passed, I would have had to do it right away.” I thought this part was interesting because her character is given limited powers so that the rest of the story is still able to unfold.

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The first time I watched this movie I absolutely hated it. I thought that the concept of blue creatures was a stretch and hated the fact that there was a fight over power on Pandora. Now that I watched it again, and had a thought process of technology and innovations, I appreciated the movie a lot more. In the beginning I was captivated by the machines that the Colonel had excess to. His goal was to beat the avatars and take over their space through violent tactics. The technology used to fight the avatars were huge robot like machines that were controlled on the inside. This reminded me of Sleep Dealer and how that army sergeant was also able to control and kill “terrorists”. The concept of beating the inferior is similar between both movies.

Entering Pandora through a machine was also interesting. Transporting into a different world is an ideal trait that individuals wish for today. The passage was the eras form of showing transition between two different societies. I also loved how Jake was on a wheelchair on Earth but can walk in Pandora. The innovations of the new world and the transportation gives him the ability to walk, showing how technology is assisting him.

A subtle but necessary aspect I took notice to were the breathing masks that the humans had to wear. In order to survive the mask must be worn, which was ironic to me. The Colonel and his men want to take over a land that they can not even breathe freely in, further proving how they are the foreigners.

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“Your Earth is still your Earth, but between the efforts of your people to destroy it and ours to restore it, it has changed” (53)

I think that this quote is important to keep in mind throughout the entire text. Clearly Butler is trying to express the connection between the world that she has created and the realm that the readers are living in. Lilith is being explained that her own people do not know their own power and will end up destroying their entire world if they aren’t helped by the Oankali. While I was reading this entire novel I kept thinking why the Oankali are not seen as destructive as the humans. They clearly are obsessed with their genetic engineering and find it limitless. This open ended power can be depicted as a down fall because the descriptions of the characters seemed to make them all alike. It was also as if none of them were able to adapt to the new ways and see anything else but their own way. If the main goal of the Oankali is to save the human race from their own mistakes, aren’t the Oankali also putting themselves in the same predicament. By being bought into this new life and being portrayed as a saved individual, I am unsure how safe Lilith is with the Oankali people. They think that by making her half of their kind she is saved, which is why in the quote they feel like they are the saviour but in reality is this the case? Isn’t she going to be subjected to their way of life, with their similar characteristics and limited variety.  enjoyed this reading because I felt that there was alot to think about besides what was just written in the text.

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Sleep Dealer

I did not expect anything I saw from this movie. The title ” Sleep Dealer” gave me the impression that the movie would include some sort of innovation to do with technology and dreams. The setting of the movie was also peculiar for me because I did not think it would begin in Mexico, where there is little to no technology available.  I did appreciate how Rivera secluded Memo into the little barn where he was able to get his world wide connections. If I could ask the author a question, I would want to know how thought of putting Memo in such a setting but providing him with the gadgets seen in the movie.

The concept of nodes was very clever and gave the plot a double meaning. Since nodes are connecting to the body aswell as outside forces, Rivera was able to prove how serious technology really is. The scene where Luz gives Memo his first set of nodes was hard to watch. At first I thought the concept was disgusting and the penetration was weird because Memo did not seem to show much response. Later however, when I saw other characters with the nodes and how they would insert the large pins so easily I began to question the aesthetics of the movie it self. The nodes looked cool on screen but they were not as believable by the end of the movie as they were at the beginning.

My favorite part of the movie would be the innovation of the memory computer. I think that this is a extensive version of today’s lifestyle and can see this idea coming true. It is scary to imagine someone telling you “your like to yourself” but it was interesting that Rivera came up with something like this. Overall, I thought that the movie was captivating and did bring up alot of issues that can be connected to today. Memo experiences the struggle of living in an under developed nation and having to make it in a world full of new technology. His character also faces many person conflicts which he is able to overcome by the end of the movie.

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