Sleep Dealer

I did not expect anything I saw from this movie. The title ” Sleep Dealer” gave me the impression that the movie would include some sort of innovation to do with technology and dreams. The setting of the movie was also peculiar for me because I did not think it would begin in Mexico, where there is little to no technology available.  I did appreciate how Rivera secluded Memo into the little barn where he was able to get his world wide connections. If I could ask the author a question, I would want to know how thought of putting Memo in such a setting but providing him with the gadgets seen in the movie.

The concept of nodes was very clever and gave the plot a double meaning. Since nodes are connecting to the body aswell as outside forces, Rivera was able to prove how serious technology really is. The scene where Luz gives Memo his first set of nodes was hard to watch. At first I thought the concept was disgusting and the penetration was weird because Memo did not seem to show much response. Later however, when I saw other characters with the nodes and how they would insert the large pins so easily I began to question the aesthetics of the movie it self. The nodes looked cool on screen but they were not as believable by the end of the movie as they were at the beginning.

My favorite part of the movie would be the innovation of the memory computer. I think that this is a extensive version of today’s lifestyle and can see this idea coming true. It is scary to imagine someone telling you “your like to yourself” but it was interesting that Rivera came up with something like this. Overall, I thought that the movie was captivating and did bring up alot of issues that can be connected to today. Memo experiences the struggle of living in an under developed nation and having to make it in a world full of new technology. His character also faces many person conflicts which he is able to overcome by the end of the movie.

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