“Your Earth is still your Earth, but between the efforts of your people to destroy it and ours to restore it, it has changed” (53)

I think that this quote is important to keep in mind throughout the entire text. Clearly Butler is trying to express the connection between the world that she has created and the realm that the readers are living in. Lilith is being explained that her own people do not know their own power and will end up destroying their entire world if they aren’t helped by the Oankali. While I was reading this entire novel I kept thinking why the Oankali are not seen as destructive as the humans. They clearly are obsessed with their genetic engineering and find it limitless. This open ended power can be depicted as a down fall because the descriptions of the characters seemed to make them all alike. It was also as if none of them were able to adapt to the new ways and see anything else but their own way. If the main goal of the Oankali is to save the human race from their own mistakes, aren’t the Oankali also putting themselves in the same predicament. By being bought into this new life and being portrayed as a saved individual, I am unsure how safe Lilith is with the Oankali people. They think that by making her half of their kind she is saved, which is why in the quote they feel like they are the saviour but in reality is this the case? Isn’t she going to be subjected to their way of life, with their similar characteristics and limited variety.  enjoyed this reading because I felt that there was alot to think about besides what was just written in the text.

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