The first time I watched this movie I absolutely hated it. I thought that the concept of blue creatures was a stretch and hated the fact that there was a fight over power on Pandora. Now that I watched it again, and had a thought process of technology and innovations, I appreciated the movie a lot more. In the beginning I was captivated by the machines that the Colonel had excess to. His goal was to beat the avatars and take over their space through violent tactics. The technology used to fight the avatars were huge robot like machines that were controlled on the inside. This reminded me of Sleep Dealer and how that army sergeant was also able to control and kill “terrorists”. The concept of beating the inferior is similar between both movies.

Entering Pandora through a machine was also interesting. Transporting into a different world is an ideal trait that individuals wish for today. The passage was the eras form of showing transition between two different societies. I also loved how Jake was on a wheelchair on Earth but can walk in Pandora. The innovations of the new world and the transportation gives him the ability to walk, showing how technology is assisting him.

A subtle but necessary aspect I took notice to were the breathing masks that the humans had to wear. In order to survive the mask must be worn, which was ironic to me. The Colonel and his men want to take over a land that they can not even breathe freely in, further proving how they are the foreigners.

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