“Everything is different,” Joe said to her. “You must have gone back into time and put us on a different track; I can’t prove it and I can’t specify the nature of the changes-” pg 54

Here, Pat’s talent is being explained to be able to go back into ones memory or events and change how things played out. Pat’s skill is briefly touched upon in the beginning of chapter 3, when she is introduced and is with Joe Chip. Pat mentions how she did not want to use her powers or even try them out because she was afraid her parents would be able to find out and not appreciate her extra talent. I found it amusing how Chip asks how her parents could never notice the interference when he talent was being used. Pat’s character was interesting to me because it showed this new world in a different light. We were told about the half lifers and how individuals can connect to them but Pat makes the world even more unique. Having an ability to go back into a thought and change its outcome seems like a very cool trait. It also shows how her character is smart enough to always be a step ahead of the others.¬†Once the bomb explodes, everyone asks Pat to go back into time and see what truly meant to happen. Pat states, “Too much time has passed, I would have had to do it right away.” I thought this part was interesting because her character is given limited powers so that the rest of the story is still able to unfold.

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