On the Beach

I thought this entire story and concept was very practical and realistic. There were many times where the John and Peter did say things that was a stretch but I feel like the world can come to something like this.¬†On page 41 Moira states, ” I’m not afraid of dying…I’m never going to get outside Australia… A city of dead people.” Here Moira is able to explain the inner fear felt by all of the characters throughout the story and I felt it was a relateable quote. It is clear that the war is leaving so many civilians in a horrible situation, where they have no other choice but to make the best of it. Although Shute allows his characters to take pills to quicken their death, all of the characters are hopeless.


I liked this story because it showed a different side of technology. Like most of the novels we have read so far, all of the authors go into the future to explain how society is, however this novel ties in factors from the past to create its future. I kept thinking of the attacks on Hiroshima during WW2, and how there was recent scare after the attacks on 9/11. Today’s society is so advanced that any form of war and violence will directly lead up to a nuclear explosion, leaving most of the world dead. From what I got out of the novel, a lot of countries were destroyed and Australia was one of the few lasting ones. The idea of a complete wipe out and deserted Earth seems far fetched but can easily occur if the wrong country gets hands on weapons of mass destruction. I felt that Moira’s feelings within the novel were reminiscent of everything she hoped to achieve. I liked her role at the end because even before she takes her pill, she takes it upon her self to do one thing she feels at peace with and that is having her drink.

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