The Road

This movie was so sad! I was automatically drawn in from the beginning where the city is being destroyed. The setting really helped explain the turmoil of the father and sons life. When comparing the way the setting was depicted to that of a novel, I definitely think that the reader gets a better message visualizing the scenes. Having the character’s faces with soot on it and showing how they are alone in the deserted city gives a solem mood at the beginning of the movie. Not having alot of technology or ways to find survival was a new twist we have not seen in a while. Since all of our works are technological, I was waiting to see some kind of invention or form of machinery to save the characters.

The main symbol which I kept my eye on throughout the novel was the gun. The gun is explained to only have two shots in it so it was their only form of protection. I think that it was interesting to include the gun in the plot, because it was a way for the audience to follow the journey and see if they make it without using it. I thought the gun would have been used sooner then it was, but I was constantly surprised at the characters encounters. I was so happy when the boy and his father found the little cave with all of the food and supplies it in. I forgot it was only have of the movie and wished that they would just stay there and figure out a plan to survive. As the father gets sicker and shows signs of deteriorating, the son shows his development and the things he learned on this journey. I felt really bad for the son when he did not know what to do with the dad’s body after he dies. His entire situation, with his crazy mother who leaves the family in the worst time and now not having a father or anyone to lead him to safety made the plot of the story alot more depressing. I did not expect that a family would save the boy and take him in as their own. Instead I assumed the movie would end with the boy finding a new city or place to stay and making it on his own. Overall I am unsure at how the movie connected to the advanced technology texts we have recently been working on. I did like the movie but I thought it was way to depressing to watch again.

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