This was the first time I saw this movie and I thought that the reality of it made it so amazing. I have always been interested in such epidemics spreading across the world, and I think creating this movie causes a lot of awareness. The first scene where the CDC researchers are exploring the bacteria was intense. The researchers had there own air tight masks and gowns and were looking at the bacteria through incubators. Later when the two doctors are looking at the models online of the bacteria growing the audience is again reminded of the immense technology in the movie. Ellis, the leader ends up finding out how another doctor is doing his own research behind his back to do his own work. This reminded me of 13 Floor because of the constant competition. When looking at the technological side, the innovations used such as the microscopes and dissector clearly show how the scientists are trained to use such machines. The fact that the bacteria and information of the disease is being transferred over phones and emails is convenient for the teams and brings everyone on the same page to find a cure. Knowing how quick it can spread and what it is doing to everyone was scary. By the end the vaccine is finally found and it is still kept a secret. Clearly all of the doctors working in the five locations know how to solve it but do not give it out for medical use. It takes 131 days and using the countdown in the movie made it a lot more interesting. Using a lottery system to give out vaccination was a simple way of doing this. I did not think that would be the way it happens. Allie self vaccinates herself before the drug is given out. Her help in the village and to protect those who are unable to gain any real sources of medication is admirable. Finding out that her own staff was given a placebo pill after all her hard work was pathetic to me because the government should not get to choose who gets the vaccine. Seeing how airborne and surface touching the disease was, it shows how interconnected the world became.





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