Never Let Me Go

I enjoyed reading this novel because I have seen the movie. Like most remakes, there were some parts which differed but for the most part the story line remained the same. I think that the overall concept is very deep and one does not really think about being a organ donor in this manner. Being in a world where individuals are bred and meant to eventually give away their organs is very futuristic. I think that the way the movie and book explain the characters loss of control is very strong. Kathy, Tommy and Ruth all come off as bold characters who are ready to face the fact that they have been living for absolutely no reason. When they are at school they are forced to stay healthy and choose a healthy lifestyle but in the end it is not to benefit them. All of their experiences and memories are pointless because they are on the list to donate their organs to those who need them more. One thing which bothered me when watching the movie and reading it was why are they portrayed to be young and giving their organs to older individuals. I think it would be interesting if the ages were switched, so it would show how the newer bodies are able to do something better than they originally could have. Again being that I have seen the movie, it was not really a shock to me as it may have been if I heard this story for the first time.

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